Grant Harris - Director

Grant studied arboriculture in the UK and worked as an arborist at the University of Oxford Botanical Gardens, before beginning a career in canopy access involving scientific research, natural history film-making and training.  

After settling in Australia and completing a Diploma in Arboriculture and degree in Environmental Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology), with distinction, he has focused on arboricultural and ecological consultancy and provides services to Local Government, industry and private clients.

Dr Matt West - Consulting Ecologist

Matt has worked with wildlife for over 20 years in the zoo and ecological consulting industries. He has training in animal husbandry, Zoo Keeping (Certificate Level III) and science Bachelor of Science (Zoology), Masters of Reproductive Science (Marsupial Reproduction), PhD (Amphibian Ecology). 


As an ecological consultant, Matt has extensive experience in the assessment and management of mammals, amphibians, birds and reptiles, predominately in south-eastern Australia. This includes species identification, fauna survey design, fauna capture and restraint, radio tracking and mark-recapture, population monitoring, disease assessment, control of abundant species, and pest management. In addition, Matt has well developed statistical and laboratory skills (microscopy, in vitro culture and PCR analysis).

James Gibson - Arboricultural & Fauna Consultant

James holds a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Wildlife and Conservation Biology) from Deakin University. He previously worked at Moonlit Sanctuary in a wildlife husbandry role and has bush revegetation and weed management experience.

In his time with Ironbark Environmental Arboriculture he has undertaken vegetation and fauna surveying, species recovery plans and arboricultural reporting.

Tom Watson - Climbing Arborist & Instructor

Tom has over ten years of experience as a climber and holds a Certificate III in arboriculture. He is recognised in the industry for his skills in complex rigging, working with hazardous trees and expertise in the use of Single Rope Technique.

With Ironbark Environmental Arboriculture, Tom has undertaken arboreal fauna surveys and managed shoots for the ABC and ZED films.