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Vegetation Surveys

Our reports identify vegetation which is a potential constraint to development and provide solutions which both facilitate the proposal and minimise biodiversity losses.

Reports include:

  • Database searches and literature review to determine if threatened flora does or could potentially occur on the site.

  • A survey which identifies vascular plants (ferns, conifers, flowering plants) present on the site.

  • Identification of vegetation on the site which is listed under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, State Government legislation and Council policies.

  • Maps showing the locations of listed species and vegetation which has a high biodiversity value, such as remnant and hollow bearing trees.

  • Recommendations for protection of listed species and high biodiversity value vegetation.

  • Tree protection planning recommendations in accordance with AS 4970-2009 Protection of Trees on Development Sites.

  • Off-setting and restoration recommendations.

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